• Hirotoash13


    August 30, 2013 by Hirotoash13

    'Aoa... I wrote this blog to tell you people what am I thinking to do aheadand since you people dont come to the chat ,so  this was the only way.. as I told anime freak that we have to get this wiki to the google results and to do that we need 200 pages and we can do this easily because there are too many things to be included on this wiki.'We first need to add the content... we need to add more pages and keep editing the information side by side and please can you people upload the pictures of the cities or any picture related to the pages.Because my computer is going WAKOO these days. any way, please I want you people to make more pages as fast as possible. I really appreciate that anime freak made this wiki and luckily I found it otherw…

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