• 2Actimv

    Making Articles

    September 2, 2013 by 2Actimv

    I think it's important to write a blog about this, because many people on the wiki find it hard to do some things. So here are the most important things to make an article.

    If you want to create an article you click on the contribute button on the right top of every page. In the list you'll see some options, choose "Add Page".

    You always begin with adding a small text about the subject. For example you write an article about a city. In the text you mention the name of the city, the province and some more things.

    The only thing to get the code of an infobox, is to look at other pages about the same subject. Often there's made an infobox for it. If not, please ask one of the admins on the wiki. After finding a good infobox, you have to copy/pas…

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